Minnesota PIPELINE Program Offers Workforce Training Opportunities For Manufacturers, Funding For Employers

The Minnesota PIPELINE (Private Investment, Public Education, Labor and Industry Experience) Program is an innovative approach to address current and future workforce needs. The program works with employers to change the conversation from “How do we find workers with the skills we need?” to “How do we GIVE workers the skills we need?”

PIPELINE exists to support employers in creating or enhancing a competency based dual-training approach where workers receive a combination of related instruction strategically paired with on-the-job training. Dual-training grants through the Minnesota Office of Higher Education provide funding for employers to create new and expand existing dual-training initiatives. As an employer, your company or organization may be awarded up to $150,000 a year ($6,000 a year for each student). 

The program targets four high-growth industry sectors:  

The next grant application will be in Spring 2020, but now is a good time to start planning for it.

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