Moving In The Right Direction

The H2WMA is a group whose mission is to improve synergy and promote success for businesses in northwest Minnesota and northeast North Dakota.

In the spring of 2003, 30 representatives from northwest Minnesota manufacturers convened at TEAM Industries to pursue the formation of an association. Today, the association is made up of more than 70 leading manufacturers in northwest Minnesota and northeast North Dakota.

Our Objectives

  • Network – Talk and share experiences with leading manufacturers.
  • Learn – Learn about solutions to today’s most pressing workforce and business issues.
  • Collaborate – Get to know other business leaders from the region. Collaborate and engage in proactive solutions to common business challenges.
  • Influence – Collectively influence and leverage programs and policies of local, regional and state government. Influence the improvement of education, training and economic policy and programming.
  • Tour – Most programs include a tour of a manufacturing facility.

How Do I Join?

Becoming a H2WMA member is easy. Simply contact us.

What Is The Cost Of Membership?

There is no cost of membership because our meeting fees (typically $15-$20) covers all ongoing association expenses.