Trade Show Cancelled! Now What?

If your company relies on trade shows as a source of sales leads, you’ll want to continue reading this.

Within the past few weeks, nearly every trade show from now through June has been cancelled. As a result, trade show promoters, trade organizations and even some marketing companies are scrambling to offer alternative “virtual” trade shows to provide at least some of the leads that might have been available at the live events. These organizations are full of ideas about what it will take to produce these shows, and eager to put big money budgets in front of sponsors and virtual exhibitors to pull it off.

However, I’m not sure I’m in favor of trying to digitally replicate a trade show.

If it sounds like I’m criticizing a potential source of income for our agency, it’s because I probably am. Why would I do that? Because a virtual trade show is unlikely to produce the results you are looking for.

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About The Author

Greg “Hal” Halliday is Anchor’s managing partner and also serves as an account manager, putting 25 years of sales and marketing experience to work for Anchor’s clients. Originally from a small town in southeast Minnesota, Hal is a graduate of the University of Minnesota, Duluth with a degree in business and an emphasis in marketing. He also serves as the president of the Highway 2 West Manufacturer’s Association.