H2WMA Member Profile: Degelman Industries

Headquartered in Regina, SK, Canada, Degelman Industries has been manufacturing innovative solutions for its agricultural and industrial customer base for over five decades. As an industry pioneer, they have earned a reputation for developing equipment that features the perfect balance of engineered toughness and intelligent design. The company expanded its manufacturing endeavors in 2016, opening a second location in Hillsboro, North Dakota. 

Degelman Industries is recognized for its wide selection of high-performance agricultural, construction and industrial equipment, including cultivators, harrows, rock pickers, manure spreaders, rotary cutters, bulldozer blades and land rollers. Each piece of Degelman equipment undergoes vigorous testing cycles in order to ensure optimal performance, quality and durability. 

The team at Degelman Industries is proudly committed to following the methods of lean manufacturing. Doing so has allowed them to maintain efficient production while simultaneously reducing waste from start to finish. For example, employees are active with 5S workplace organization, huddle boards and the development of standardized work. They have more than 30 established lean metrics that they monitor to ensure operational excellence. 

A lot has changed since Degelman Industries was founded in 1962, but their mission of providing new and innovative solutions to agriculture and industry remains the same.