Five Reasons Lean Won’t Work For Your Company

By Darren Stinson

There are a multitude of excellent reasons for manufacturers to implement lean production practices, and business leaders are often enticed to go down the path of continuous improvement. However, that doesn’t mean that lean manufacturing will work in every company. It can have huge benefits, but you need to have the right mindset. In my career in manufacturing, I learned firsthand why they call it continuous improvement: very seldom do you get everything right the first time.

Is your business ready to build a lean culture? Check out my list of five reasons that lean may not work for your company. You will need to address each of them if you want to embrace continuous improvement in your manufacturing process.

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About The Author

Darren Stinson is an account manager at Anchor Marketing. He has a passion for branding that developed over the course of 23 years in the manufacturing industry, including time as the president of a successful technology company.