The Board Of Directors

The Highway 2 West Manufacturers’ Association (H2WMA) Board Of Directors is made up of leading business professionals from around the Highway 2 corridor. They advise on such issues as improvements for the association, topics for future meetings and general critique of the meetings.

Hal Halliday

President, H2WMA | Advisory Board Member 2012
Anchor Marketing, Inc.

David Goetz

Founding Board Member
Cass Forest Products

Rick Trontvet

Program Chairman, H2WMA | Founding Board Member
Vice President, Human Resources

Mike Delisle

Board Member since 2011
Mayo Manufacturing
General Manager

Steve Muzzy

Board Member since 2006
Central Boiler

Jim Russ

Founding President and Board Member
TEAM Industries
Director Corporate Development

Kari Howe

Founding Board Member
Economic Development Specialist

Bill Martinson

Advisory Board Member 2016
Enterprise Minnesota
Business Development Advisor